CHARIOTS as shown on Authentic Ancient Greek & Roman Coins

Ancient Greek and Roman Chariots on Coins

Biga Ancient Roman Chariot Coin

See the different types of chariots depicted on coins of ancient Greece and Rome

The ancient Greeks and Romans used the chariot for war, racing, processions and travel. On ancient coins, the chariot was featured being driven by emperors, important personages and even gods and goddesses. They were usually pulled by horses, but on ancient coins sometimes even by flying serpents and goats. There is a certain excitement associated with the chariot that is almost archetypal. The Latin word "carrus" is the root of the English word "chariot". Imagine the excitement the ancient

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Ancient COIN TYPES Explained COLLECTING How-to Video

ANCIENT COIN TYPES Explained Guide to Roman Greek Biblical and Byzantine Numismatic Coins

Educational Video to Learn How To Tell the Difference between the Varieties of Ancient Coins

There are a lot of beginner collectors of ancient coins that would like to learn what the different classifications of ancient coins. What I have seen with ancient coin collecting is that without proper guidance, the learning curve could be steep, before full enjoyment can be attained in the "king of hobbies". The goal of this video is to explain the different types of coins, and what they mean. You can see

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TOUR of ANCIENT ROME with PROFESSOR Exploring Colosseum Forum and More

Video Tour of Ancient Rome with Professor Exploring Colosseum Forum & More

Took tour with professional tour guide and published professor who lives in Rome and knows it inside out. This intimate experience shows Rome as it really is meant to be experienced with detours into "hidden gems". He explained how the city went from the one of ancient times and how it was built up over time. The tour starts at the Colosseum and takes you through a detour to a preserved Roman buildings turned into a church. After which point there is a visit to the Roman

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Ancient GREEK & ROMAN Coin Collecting Guide VIDEOS

Ancient Coin Collecting Guide 30+ Educational Video Collection

View All the Videos About Ancient Coins Talking About Various Topics of Interest in Ancient Coins

Click here to watch all the educational videos about coins

This is my collection of my entire works that I have done up to this point in regards to presenting ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins on video and explaining the historical context they have come from. This is an amazing way to feel the amazing history almost in your hands that may spark your interest in the various topics covered. It would be a great

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